Mahayana 304 and 305, 2024 - Nalandabodhi Seattle

Mahayana 304 and 305, 2024

Sat., April 6, 2024
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Mahayana 304 – Yogachara, Mind Only, Shentong

Mahayana 305 – Discovering Our Buddha Heart

 On Zoom

Saturdays, January 6 – May 18, 2024, 9:00 – 10:30 am (Pacific)

 Mahayana builds on foundational Tibetan buddhist schools and, through philosophical reasoning, it points to the benefit of expanding our desire for liberation to include all beings. By working with emotions and exploring the illusory nature of all phenomena, a heart of genuine compassion arises. Mahayana teachings also introduce the idea of buddha nature — the crucial notion that all sentient beings possess the seed of buddhahood.

These two courses are a continuation of a six-course Mahayana series. The first, MAH 304, begins with an examination of Yogachara masters and their teachings and discusses the historical distinctions between Yogachara and the “Mind Only School”. Debates between Yogachara precepts and the previously discussed Madhyamaka reasonings are examined. The course concludes with a discussion of the Shentong middle way.

The second, MAH 305, presents the teachings on buddha nature, or tathagatagarbha, which is the third and final cycle of Buddha’s teachings. These teachings are presented after the examination of emptiness so that we do not mistake buddha nature for a “true self”. Rather we come to understand it is the basic awakened state of our mind –  luminous and unchanging.

Class Schedule

Mahayana 304 Yogachara, Mind Only and Shentong

January 6: Class 1 The Three Natures and the Yogachara Middle Way

January 13: Class 2 Mind’s Endless Projections and How They End

January 20: Discussion Group

January 27: Class 3 Practicum The Four Yogic Practices

February 3: Class 4 Yogachara Wisdom and the Mind-Only School

February 10 Losar; NO CLASS

February 17: Class 5 Yogachara & Madhyamaka Debates; Shentong Middle Way

February 24: Discussion Group

March 2: Class 6 From Mind-Only to Shentong and Beyond

March 9: Class 7 Practicum Resting In Mind’s Natural Luminosity

March 16: Discussion Group

Mahayana 305 Discovering Our Buddha Heart

March 23: Class 1 Buddha Nature & The Three Vajra Jewels

March 30: Class 2 The Many Facets of the Single Buddha Heart

April 6: Discussion Group

April 13: Class 3 The 4th Vajra Point; All You Need To Know About Tathagatagarbha

April 20: Class 4 Buddha Heart, Mahamudra Mind

April 27: Discussion Group

May 4: Class 5 All-Pervasive Changeless Luminosity

May 11: Class 6 The Buddha Emerging From The Lotus

May 18: Discussion Group

It is recommended that students complete the prior Mahayana curriculum (MAH 301-303) or equivalency as well as have a regular meditation practice.


The texts for each course are available through the Nalanda bookstore.

MAH 304, Yogachara, Mind Only, and Shentong

MAH 305, Discovering Our Buddha Heart

Please order texts at least 2 weeks in advance of each course.

Sal Tufano is a senior student of Ponlop Rinpoche and experienced Nalandabodhi study class facilitator. He began a dharma path nine years ago in Boulder, Colorado at Naropa University with a masters degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. His path has continued through the study and meditation programs offered by Nalandabodhi and Nitartha Institute.  He has been a student of Ponlop Rinpoche since November of 2016. Sal has served as Nalandabodhi’s Chief Strategy Officer and spent four years on the NB Senior Administrative Team. He has contributed to some key mandala projects like acquiring the Contemplative Resource Center in Texas and the ongoing Digital Content Delivery project.

Date/Time Date(s) - Sat., April 6, 2024
9:00 am - 10:30 am

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