Mahayana 302 - Kindling the Spark of Awakening 2023 - Nalandabodhi Seattle

Mahayana 302 – Kindling the Spark of Awakening 2023

Sat., March 4, 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am

ON ZOOM: Saturdays, February 25 – May 13, 2023, 9:00 am – 10:30 am PT

“The only thing that decides if we are a true follower of the Mahayana path is whether or not we have truly generated bodhicitta. It is the key to entering the path because it means to generate the greater vision of liberating all sentient beings from suffering and establishing them in lasting happiness.” 

This class is the second in a six course series devoted to the Mahayana path. These teachings expand our desire for happiness to include the happiness of others. They introduce us to the possibility of transforming even our most negative emotions into positive states of mind. By working with emotions and exploring the illusory nature of all phenomena, we are able to develop a heart of genuine compassion. 

Of particular interest in this class is the arising of bodhichitta, or the awakened heart through the methods of lojong (i.e., mind training) and tonglen practice.  The course will combine lectures and discussions with practicums to explore these methods in an experiential way. 

Classes are facilitated by Sal Tufano, meeting on Zoom on Saturday mornings at 9:00am PT. There will be 6 faciltated classes, 3 meditation practicums, and 3 discussion groups for a total of 12 class meetings. The schedule is as follows:

Feb 25…..Class 1: Two main avenues to Bodhicitta 

Mar 04…..Class 2 Practicum: Sevenfold Cause & Effect Generating Bodhicitta 

Mar 11…..Class 3: The Eight Verses on Mind Training 

Mar 18…..Discussion Group

Mar 25…..Class 4: Seven Points of Mind Training (1)

Apr 01…..Class 5 Practicum: Connecting with Ultimate Bodhicitta 

Apr 08…..Class 6: Seven Points of Mind Training (2) 

Apr 15…..Discussion Group

Apr 22…..Class 7 Practicum: Tonglen 

Apr 29…..Class 8: Seven Points of Mind Training (3)

May 06…..Class 9: Seven Points of Mind Training (4)

May 13…..Discussion Group 

It is recommended that registrants complete the Nalandabodhi Hinayana curriculum series and have a regular meditation practice before registering for this course.

All classes will be hosted on Zoom and will be recorded. Access to recordings will be available until two weeks after the course has concluded. After registration, you will be sent an email with the Zoom link and password as well as a link to the Resource Page with the recordings.

Sal Tufano began a Dharma path seven years ago in Boulder, Colorado at Naropa University, with a masters degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. His path has continued through the study and meditation programs offered by Nalandabodhi and Nitartha Institute.  He has been a student of Ponlop Rinpoche since November of 2016.

Sal has spent the last four years on the Nalandabodhi International Senior Administrative Team doing strategy and financial work. He has contributed to some key mandala projects like acquiring the Contemplative Resource Center in Texas and the ongoing Digital Content Delivery project. He has tried to make the best of the difficult last two years by dramatically increasing daily practice, taking a lot of on-line classes and reading lots of dharma books.

Date/Time Date(s) - Sat., March 4, 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am

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