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Our Community

About Nalandabodhi Seattle

Nalandabodhi Seattle is first and foremost about community. We are inspired by the teachings of the Buddha and seek to apply Buddhist principles to our everyday lives.

Nalandabodhi had its beginnings in 1996 in Boulder, Colorado under the guidance of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. The Seattle community was born two years later, when a group of Rinpoche’s students began coming together to meditate and study in a small house in the University District. Ponlop Rinpoche moved to Seattle in 2001, and since then the community has continued to expand and flourish.

In the spring of 2004 we moved to our new home,  Nalanda West — a spacious center devoted to hosting contemplative activities and teachings. Over the past 20 years, the Nalandabodhi Seattle community has grown to over 150 people. Some of us are new to meditation. Others have been practicing and studying for many years. Together we work to support each other as we strive to embody the wisdom that will lead to a kinder world.

Getting to Know Us

If you are new to Buddhism or would like to get to know our community, Introduction to Buddhism is offered several times a year on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30 p.m.

The class includes a brief meditation followed by a lively discussion hosted by one of our local teachers. All are welcome to attend. Please check our calendar for an updated schedule of all events and classes.

We host a simple brunch on Sundays following Open Meditation. Please join us for good food and conversation after sitting meditation practice!

Open Meditation

For those seeking a quiet place for contemplation, we offer Open Meditation on Sundays from 10-11:30 a.m. The first 30 minutes include a brief instruction on the basics of calm abiding (shamatha) meditation.

Starting at 11:30 a.m. on most Sundays, we offer a short teaching and discussion led by Acharya Tashi Wangchuk on applying Buddhist teachings to everyday life. Please check our calendar for specific topics and dates.


Many of our Nalandabodhi offerings are open and available to all. For those interested, membership provides access to a greater range of study and practice opportunities.

Learn More About Membership 

Seattle Sangha Leadership Team

The celebrations, classes and activities of the Seattle sangha are coordinated by our volunteer leadership team.  The team includes two co-directors as well as sangha members focused on the three paths of our journey.  To contact any of them with questions, please send an email to
Path of Study  
Don Ross and Susan Kirchoff
Don and Susan are not only senior Nalandabodhi students and teachers but  also have volunteered to plan and schedule study classes throughout the year.  If you have a question or request about our class schedule, they are your contacts.
Path of Practice
Karen Wallace
In her role as Practice Coordinator, Karen schedules umdzees, coordinates our practice schedule and, in consultation with our Mitras, takes the lead in planning our liturgy for special occasions such as Losar, Sakyamuni Day and others.
Path of Mindful Activity
Jay Sacks
Taking our practice off the cushion is Jay’s focus. He coordinates classes relevant to our Mindful Activity curriculum as well as plans the community volunteer activities for the sangha.  If you have an idea for community involvement, talk to Jay!
Co-Directors: Membership & Community Building
Dianne Eberlein
Eric Flesher
Eric and Dianne share the role of sangha directors.  Questions about sangha membership, administration and communication should be directed to Dianne. Questions pertaining to practices and traditions can be presented to Eric.