Register now for Mahayana 305 – Discovering Our Buddha Heart - Nalandabodhi Seattle
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Register now for Mahayana 305 – Discovering Our Buddha Heart

This course, offered remotely via Zoom on Monday evenings, begins March 29 and continues through May 3.  It will be facilitated by Karen Wallace.

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In the Mahayana teachings, we look at the possibility of limitless compassion and bodhichitta, the boundless intention to help all sentient beings.  This motivation and its application are based on the crucial Mahayana notion that all sentient beings possess buddha nature, the potential to become a perfect buddha.

The studies of personal selflessness in the Hinayana are the jumping-off  point for widening our vision to embrace the profound Mahayana selflessness of the “great emptiness” of all phenomena as well as the vast training and fruition of the path of a buddha-to-be.

This course is an updated and greatly revised version of the Nalandabodhi Mahayana Series with many new materials based on talks by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, especially in the areas of mind training, Madhyamaka, Mind-Only, Yogachara, Shentong, and Buddha Nature.

This course introduces us to the idea of buddha nature — the understanding that our hearts and minds are, from the beginning, the same as the Buddha’s.

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Buddhism


  • March 29 – Buddha Nature and the Three Vajra Jewels
  • April 4 – The Many Facets of the Single Buddha Heart
  • April 12 – The Fourth Vajra Point: All You Need to Know About Tathagatagarbha
  • April 19 – Buddha Heart, Mahamudra Mind
  • April 26 – All Pervasive Changeless Luminosity
  • May 3 – The Buddha Emerging from the Lotus

Path of Study Coordinator: Susan Kirchoff   

Register to receive the Zoom link and access to recordings of the class sessions.


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