Quarterly Practice Day

6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Please join fellow sangha brothers and sisters in our quarterly day of practice — a whole day where we meditate together, eat together, rest together, study together, meditate again, and dedicate the merit together.  Shamatha, Mahamudra, Ngondro and Vajrasattva practitioners will have the opportunity to engage in their specific practices. 


Mitra Karl Brunnhölzl will teach about The Essential Points of Recognizing our Mind. The talk will address questions such as

“What is the most important thing in meditation?”
“What is the role of visualization?”
“Why do we dedicate?”

He will also comment on the crucial points of the different practices of the Nalandabodhi Practice Paths and be available for Q&A after the talk.

We encourage you to attend the full retreat. The suggested offering for the meals and teaching is $25 is for the day.

Volunteer opportunities: We are looking for umdzes, facilitators for Ngondro and  Vajrasattva, kitchen, and clean-up help.
Contact:  Don Ross  dross11@earthlink.net

Mitra Karl Teaching at 1:45 PM


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