Open Meditation & Community Blood Drive

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

In recognition of the paramita of generosity, Nalandabodhi Seattle is hosting a blood drive this Sunday. It is true that donating blood at any time benefits others and at this time of year, donations are greatly needed.

Please join us on Sunday, 22 January 2017 for meditation, brunch and a community blood drive!

donate blood

Every year at about this time the blood supply stores are in a critically low situation for various reasons. This year is no different. People do not go out during the holidays to donate blood as much as they do during other parts of the year and now there are more situations due to the holidays that result in a need for more blood to save people.

Please sign up for a time slot to donate! If we do not have enough folks sign up, the organizer will cancel. Also, this ensures that we can be efficient in our planning when people do come.

Please be a part of making this a successful blood drive for the Nalandabodhi Seattle sangha.

Let us all please strongly consider the benefit of donating blood brings to people and their families and make a commitment to our heart of generosity that overcomes all obstacles to giving of ourselves.

Please contact Brian Rowe at with any questions.



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