Lhabab Düchen

5:45 pm - 6:45 pm

Please join us for Lhabab Duchen.

What is Lhabab Düchen?

“Lha” means god and “bab” means descent. The celebration of Lhabab Düchen commemorates Buddha’s descent from the heavenly realm of Tushita back to the human realm. The Buddha went to Tushita heaven to teach his mother, Mayadevi, who passed away seven days after his birth and was reborn among the pure realms. To repay her kindness, to liberate her and benefit the gods, Buddha spent three months teaching Abhidharma in Tushita Heaven. Then as the gods bowed to him, he descended to earth to continue teaching the dharma in the human realm.

Although the practice of holidays at Nalandabodhi follows and is informed by tradition, they have been and will continue to be transformed by our 21st century minds and traditions. The main emphasis is on gathering together in a relaxed way to appreciate and celebrate.

Generosity, mindfulness, and practice on these “Düchen” days is strongly encouraged.

Why do we celebrate it?

On this day we remember the Buddha who recognized the nature of his mind and gave us the teachings on how we could do so as well. Just as the Buddha appreciated his mother, let us be thankful for the Buddha and all our teachers.

How can we, as a community, celebrate on Lhabab Düchen together?

The Düchens, including Lhabab Düchen, also present a wonderful opportunity to come together to practice as a community. Wherever we are, Nalanda West, our local Nalandabodhi center or study group or at home on our cushion, we can join together as a sangha in practice and appreciation for the Buddha and his teachings. We can celebrate our lineage of genuine teachers who guide us and our sangha brothers and sisters who share our journey. Even if you are at home you can practice with this intention knowing that others are practicing with you.

We hope you enjoy this holiday and find it an opportunity to connect with and benefit others, both in our Nalandabodhi family and in our world.

The above information was taken from the Nalandabodhi Holiday Practice Manual (revised February 2014).


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