Introduction to Buddhism – Fall 2018

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhism is a 16-week cycle of teachings on introductory and foundational Buddhist topics. In this course we explore the basic principles of Buddhism and lay the foundation for deeper studies, including the introduction of the views of different Buddhist schools.

All are welcome! The courses are free; donations are accepted. Students may also attend these classes on a drop in basis.

“We’re cultivating our intelligence as opposed to expanding or upgrading its contents. It’s like brightening a room by putting a higher-watt lightbulb in a lamp. Suddenly we can see everything in the room much more clearly.”
— Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

The series is the pre-requisite for the Hinayana and Mahayana curricula.

Meditation instruction begins at 7 PM before each teaching.

Buddhism 100 – The Life of the Buddha and the Spiritual Journey

September 5: “The Buddha was not a Buddhist”
September 12: “Poverty Mentality and True Freedom”
September 19: “The World of Suffering and the Human Condition”
September 26: “Taming the Monkey Mind”

Buddhism 102 – Traveling from Confusion to Original Sanity

October 3: “The Path is the Goal”
October 10: “The Play of Confusion and Sanity” (aka “The Four Truths”)
October 17: “Trips of Confusion: Working with Emotions I”
October 24: “Trips of Confusion: Working with Emotions II”

Buddhism 103 – Karma, Rebirth, and Selflessness

October 31: “The Four Seals of the Buddha’s Teaching I” –Impermanence, Suffering
November 7: “The Four Seals of the Buddha’s Teaching II” – No self, Freedom
November 14: “The Four Reminders”
November 21: “The Spiritual Friend: Connecting with Buddha’s Heart”

Buddhism 104 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

November 28: “The Practice of Fourfold Mindfulness and the Mindfulness of Body”
December 5: “The Mindfulness of Feelings”
December 12: “The Mindfulness of Mind”
December 19: “The Mindfulness of Phenomena”

The accompanying sourcebooks by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche are available for purchase at the Nalanda Store.  It is recommended that the class readings be done prior to each class. The bookstore is generally open Wednesdays 6:15—7:00 PM, Sundays 12:00—1:00 PM, and some weekday evenings. Please check the online calendar.

Contact: Nadine Selden


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