Chotrul Düchen

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Liturgies and chants in the Mahabodhi shrine room, followed by celebration in the community room.

All are welcome!

On Tuesday, February 19th Nalandabodhi engages in joyful celebration of Chotrul Düchen, the second Buddhist holiday that occurs in what is known as the “month of miracles”. Chotrul Düchen celebrates the Buddha Shakyamuni’s display of 15 days of miracles. It is said that the Buddha displayed a different miracle each day to spur devotion and to increase the merit of his current and future disciples.

As students of Buddhism in the 21st century, Chotrul Düchen gives us a joyful opportunity to appreciate Buddha Shakyamuni, whose wisdom lives on in the minds and hearts of our kind teachers, and in all practitioners wishing to discover their genuine heart of compassion. It is a celebration of wisdom and kindness beyond measure.


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