The Path of Mindful Activity

“All of our actions, whether they remain on the level of thought or are expressed in speech or bodily action, have some kind of impact on the mind.” — Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

The Path of Mindful Activity is the integration of formal meditation and study with the activities of daily life. It uses a combination of teachings, activities and reflections that enable us to take our understanding to a deeper level and
make it applicable to our lives.

Join us on the Path of Mindful Activity:

Introduction to PoMA

The Introduction to PoMA workshop blends teachings and activities in an action/reflection model to accomplish this. We explore themes such as aspiration, interdependence, and cultivating genuine presence through unique experiential exercises, written reflection, music, song and poetry.The Intro to PoMA, is presented in an abbreviated and intensive fashion, presented in six consecutive sessions:
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Essential Points Workshop

The Path of Mindful Activity Essential Points Workshop:
Developed in response to Rinpoche’s inspiration. He has asked that each Nalandabodhi student participate in this curriculum, just as we do with our study and practice curricula.
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