Building Tiny Homes for the Homeless (POSTPONED)

(This PoMA activity has been postponed due to inclimate conditions. – 2018.10.29)


In this city-sanctioned homeless encampment, join in a hands-on building of a tiny house so one homeless person can make a transition from a tent to a more livable and secure abode. No tools or special skills needed. Come for all or any part of the day. Come to actually work or just for support. You can just drop in and say hello. Bring your family and friends and children (adult and teenage only).

Also needed are 4 folks to make sandwiches at Nalanda West for those who are building the tiny houses and deliver them to the camp. Let’s make extra and share with the 2nd Chance community.

Please sign up to volunteer here:


8:30 to 9:00 AM

Meet at Nalanda West for introduction to working at the encampment and short talk about homelessness, generosity, compassion, and equality

9:00 to 9:30 AM

Carpool to 2nd Chance Homeless Encampment

9:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Begin construction and work on the tiny homes.
Make sandwiches and bring to 2nd Chance.

Debriefing about the days events, personal experiences, and ideas for future events will follow at a later date.

Donations accepted for the lunch and tiny home: Please write “Tiny Houses” in the area of  ‘add special instructions to seller’.

For more information contact or if you are interested in being on an impromptu list in case the event is spontaneously rescheduled, please contact Jay Sacks // 253.228.7249

For more information about 2nd Chance Homeless Encampment:               

Trickle Down Town, a documentary on tiny houses and the homeless crisis  by the 2nd Chance tiny house project manager, Tomasz Biernacki

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