The Mahayana Series: Compassion Without Limit


Monday evenings from 7 – 8.30 pm

studymastsIn the Nalandabodhi Path of Study, your studies of selflessness in the Hinayana are the jumping off point for understanding Mahayana selflessness, which broadens the notion beyond personal selflessness into the vastness of mahashunyata, or the “great emptiness.” The Mahayana Courses begin with an introductory course called “The Heart of Daring.” In the Mahayana teachings we look at the possibility of generating limitless compassion, the unbounded intention to help all sentient beings, known in Sanskrit as bodhichitta.

  • Introduction to the Mahayana: The Heart of Daring (MAH 300)
  • Mahayana View I: Everything is Mind  (MAH 310)
  • Mahayana View II: Not Even a Middle (MAH 311)
  • Mahayana Path I: Bodhicitta and the Six Paramitas (MAH 330)
  • Mahayana Path II: Seven Points of Mind Training (MAH 331)
  • Path and Fruition: The Ten Bhumis, the Three Kayas, and the Five Wisdoms (MAH 350)

There are six courses in the Mahayana series.  

In the concluding classes of the Mahayana in the Nalandabodhi Path of Study, we look at the practices and results of the Mahayana path. The bodhisattva intention to benefit all beings without limitation is made possible by a firm understanding that there are no inherent limitations on compassionate activity. Moreover, we learn that such activity is not a vague invitation to engage in “good works” of an unspecified nature. Rather, the teachings provide a detailed roadmap of paths and levels of accomplishment that are achieved through the specific techniques of the Mahayana path. The final attainment is Mahayana enlightenment. These teachings also provide a bridge to your study of the Vajrayana path.

Contact:  Stuart Horn:

The price for each course is $40 for Nalandabodhi sangha members and $65 for non-members.

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Mahayana course

The brief outline on this page is only a general overview of the Mahayana courses offered by Nalandabodhi. The complete detailed syllabus and selection of reading materials is available to Nalandabodhi members and participants enrolled in the Path of Study program.

Learn more about the Mahayana Curriculum.


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