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Nalandabodhi Seattle

Nalandabodhi Seattle is part of the international Nalandabodhi organization created by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. Nalandabodhi’s intention is to support Rinpoche’s students in the 21st century with their study of Buddhist philosophy and the practice of meditation.

Guru Rinpoche Feast: Chris Stagg’s 49th day – November 17, 2018

RF1_9488Nalandabodhi Seattle Sangha members will be offering a ganachakra practice for the 49th day for our Sangha brother Chris Stagg.

We will be doing an open practice of Guru Yoga with Feast Offering and Fulfillment Prayers. Although this feast has no practice restrictions, it is limited to Nalandabodhi members and special guests.

Setup in the shrine room begins at 5:30 pm and plating starts at 6:00 pm. Practice will start promptly at 7:00 pm. Please be in the shrine room and seated by 6:45 pm.

RSVP by Wednesday, November 14th below. A minimum $5 donation is requested will be used to purchase feast offerings. Sponsorship is also greatly appreciated!

Look for email from Nalandabodhi Seattle for password to the registration page:

If you would like to help with set up and/or tsok/torma making, email Karen Wallace at wallace.karen.l@att.net and plan on coming in early that evening.

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